Date Day!

Last weekend (Saturday…the day before Oliver was taken to Seattle via ambulance and Eliza was taken to the ER the next morning) Seth planned a “date day” for us! I thought it would be fun to share what we did on our date! My wonderful mom-in-law offered to babysit so we could get out without kids!

We dropped the kids off around 3:30pm and Seth took me wine tasting at Vartanyan Estate Winery off of Noon Rd in Bellingham. The tasting room is set up really cute. The owner was serving the wine and was very knowledgeable about each wine we tasted. Tasting is $7 per person and is waived if you buy a bottle. We were able to taste 6 different wines. I’m usually not a big red wine fan but the red wines they had were good and the white wines I loved! If you are local to Whatcom County this is definitely a fun date place to check out!


We forgot to take a picture inside the winery…so here is a picture of the sign from the car!

Next Seth took me to Vital Climbing Gym in Bellingham! We were gifted free passes from some friends to try it out since it was our first time visiting the gym! A day pass normally would be $17 per person. They also sell memberships for people that have more free time than we do (haha). I used to boulder quite a bit when I worked at the rec center at Western and Seth did some top roping in Nebraska at their rec center gym. Seth and I both own climbing shoes and chalk bags but we hadn’t used them in a long time! We had a blast bouldering for about 2 hours and were really sore for a few days after!


After climbing for about two hours we were really hungry and ended our date at Busara Thai Cuisine (our favorite restaurant in Bellingham!) I ordered Panang Gai Curry and Seth ordered Pad See Ew. Busara is really reasonably priced and has a great atmosphere! We had never been there on a weekend though and did have to wait about an hour for a table! Weeknights you usually don’t have to wait long for a table! We got back home just in time for Oliver’s 9pm medicine dose!


It was a really fun way to spend a longer date together! Over this last year we have learned that we really need to take advantage of every opportunity we have…literally the next day Seth was riding in the ambulance with Oliver to Seattle. Thankfully Oliver has recovered from his fever, but it just seems from one day to the next we don’t have a ton of opportunity to plan ahead for things. This past year has had some stressful moments and we spent a lot of time apart – it was such a fun day to just hang out and have fun together!

Top photo credit: Segar Photography

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